About Me
Personal Website
Hopefully you are liking what you see! I built this website after spending my freshman year summer learning about HTML5 and CSS3 and also to attempt to learn more JavaScript.
As a part of a team, I worked on creating PennsList, a Craigslist-esque platform for Penn students where they could post and see things for sale, current events, job postings, and more. The website is built on Node.js and uses a MongoDB for the backend. My primary role was creating the ability to pull posts and images from the database and populating pages and categories so users could see what had been posted. This invovled dealing with both back end and front end as I had to figure out how to retireve items from the database and then figure out how to properly display posts and allow posts to have multiple images. CSS was used to properly style the pages and the full code for this project can be found on my GitHub by clicking the Git icon on the bottom ledger.
Snake Game
I used JSwing to build an interactive version of the famous snake game. I modified the game slightly to allow the user to enter his/her name, pick the color scheme of the game, and also to add special powerups that change the speed and difficulty of the game.
Tic Tac Toe Android App
My first Android app, I created tic tac toe that can be downloaded on any Android Device. The game writes to the SD Card of the phone to store the leaderboard and game board if the user leaves the app. The code is available on GitHub.
Android Music Player
A more advanced Android app, the music player has over 5 activity screens. It reads music from the SD Card of the phone and allows the user to browse and play (displaying the cover art, song name, time of play, and artist).
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