About Me
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This past summer I worked at Facebook in Menlo Park, CA. At Facebook I worked on FBLite, a lighter version of the Facebook application meant for users in emerging markets. Specfically, I worked on stories integrity on FBLite stories. My project required me to run stories through classifiers and use the classifier score to generate a backend mark on stories if they reached a specific threshold. Then I created a frontend solution for covering marked stories with a warning screen to allow users to uncover and view the story knowing that it may contain sensitive or disturbing content. The project is currently in production and reaches over 10.8 million users daily. Beyond this project I also began the groundwork of allowing users to consume stories on direct message threads in Messenger on FBLite.
IAC - Ask.com
During the summer of 2018 I worked at IAC under their Ask division. My project was to create a method of monitoring the activity of the millions of daily users who interact with any Ask Application cobrand. I used a spring framework and fiters to catch data like page type and cobrand from each user request. I then used the New Relic API to log this data. Finally, I created a custom dashboard with graphs that used collected data and queries to monitor things like click through rate and conversion rate for the company to see how each of their cobrands were being used by users. I worked with SQL, IntelliJ, Fiddler, and Tomcat. The coding language was primarily Java.
Teaching Assistant (CIS 262, CIS 240, CIT593)
During the school year, I am a teaching assitant (TA) for CIS 262, CIS 240 and CIT 593. I hold weekly office hours where students taking the course can ask for help with homework or lecture topics. I also work with other TAs to grade homework papers weekly and exam papers for midterm and finals. I also am responsible for answering questions students may have that they post on Piazza, an online portal for students to ask questions regarding course topics.
United Nations of Greater Philadelphia
The summer after my freshman year, I worked for the United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia as a web developer. I helped create their website and helped fix bugs, teach members what features their website offers. The website was built on WordPress and is hosted via GoDaddy. I was exposed to the use of HTML and CSS in my project to recreate their website. I then worked on updating style and features and gained exposure with JavaScript.
Rotary Madrugadores
In an attempt to better understand the diversity and people of Philadelphia, I volunteered to work with the Philadelphia Chapter of Rotary International. As part of my work, I created the Rotary Madrugadores website, to allow members to communicate their agenda and events with their local community.